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Hunt 'n Sneak is OUT NOW!

Our four-player party game where we have taken the age old hide and seek and exemplified it into a manic asymmetrical multiplayer game has now arrived on Steam!

So gather your friends and family and prepare to hunt as a fearsome Gobbler and sneak around as a mischievous Pixie because you can play right now.

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Website: Hunt 'n Sneak website


Hunt ‘n Sneak is a chaotic asymmetrical multiplayer game, where light truly is both friend and foe. Gobblers have descended upon the Pixie kingdoms, bringing with them a mysterious fog that has settled upon the land.

Players controlling the Pixies must use their wit and memory to recall where they are located; all the while hoping they aren’t walking towards a Gobbler! Fortunately, Pixies are able to emit a Ping, which briefly illuminates their surroundings. But be careful, you never know who might be watching, and a Gobbler may soon be chasing you down! Players controlling the Gobbler must hunt down the Pixies, capturing them all to successfully invade the kingdom.

Soon your heart will be racing as you sit on the edge of your seat. Where are I? Is a Gobbler nearby? Am I safe? Am I walking continually into a wall? Am I even alive??


  • Online and local multiplayer supporting 2 to 4 players.
  • Travelling across the Pixie kingdoms you will:
    - Traverse the depths of the Glittering Caverns
    - Become enchanted within an Amethyst Forest
    - Roam the House of Horrors
    - Explore the Citadel of Shadows
    - Sneak through the Infernal Wastes
  • Game modes:
    Ping - Pixies must survive long enough so that the Gobbler exhausts its power. 
    Stockpile - Gather up all the Moon Drop essence before the Gobbler has a chance to pounce! 
    Cursed - The Gobbler curse is passed from Pixie-to-Pixie. Spend the least amount of time under its evil influence to win!
  • Each character possesses a unique ability, these include: wormhole teleportation, autonomous familiars, disguise and many more.
  • Play with whatever is comfortable; controller or keyboard.

Future Plans
While Hunt 'n Sneak already comprises a considerable amount of content, this is just the start of our plans – with free updates planned for the game over the coming months. We would also love to hear your feedback and reviews of the game, if you'd like to see something in the game let us know on Steam forums or on our Discord. (https://discord.gg/WTJTZ2c)

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and give the game a go!

We at Pixel Engineers are extremely excited to show the game to everyone and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to have you play it.

Thank you,
Pixel Engineers


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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