Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #1 - Multiplayer and more controllers


Online multiplayer is making good progress, we have settled on using Photon as it looks to be the most robust solution and so far exactly what we are looking for.

I have already added the ability to start online matchmaking which will either select a random room which has free spots or will create a new one if none available and up to the point where you are in the same lobby.

Over the next week or so I will make the in-game part networked and then do some internal testing before we upload a new version of the demo so you guys can try it out!

Mobile controller

It is my goal to make the game as easy as possible to play with your friends, and on PC that can sometimes be difficult when you only have a few controllers or just a keyboard. But why not use mobile phones as controllers, since almost everyone has one it makes sense.

So what we will do is create an app that you can download on Android or iOS which will automatically connect to the game via a local wifi connection, then you will be able to control the game from your mobile!


We would like anyone trying the demo out to give some feedback on their thoughts on the game, whether it is good or bad we are interested to hear your opinions! Please join us on Discord ( and let’s have a chat. Otherwise we will read any comments on the game demo pages.

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This week we worked on the Hider concepts and starting to get a really nice theme for them.

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